Emergency Management:
Practical Tools That Every Facility Manager Needs

How prepared is your site?

Do you have an emergency operations plan in place and ready to go? When is the last time you’ve conducted an emergency planning and response exercise? This presentation will help answer these questions, and is packed full of practical tools and training resources that all Facility Managers need to know and understand. Joined by an expert from FEMA’s National Preparedness Directorate, we explain the preparedness cycle and the six step planning process for creating high-quality emergency operations plan

Key Recommendations for Facility Managers

  1. Develop templates & checklists. Include detailed processes & logistics, and support specific to the risks associated with our geographic regions.
  2. Corporate introduces, educates, and builds support for a company-wide emergency preparedness.
  3. Set the expectation for annual “table-top” exercises.  These are not just another corporate initiative –
    each region should be familiar and comfortable with their plan.
  4. Keep your Emergency Plan current, including the website, repair/construction providers, IT connectivity, real estate (landlord obligations), product logistics, and more.