Why Simplar?

Why Work With Simplar?

SIMPLAR WORKS alongside public and private organizations across a variety of industries to enhance and transform their procurement and project management strategies and operations. Simplar has the expertise to increase efficiencies by facilitating shifts to the culture, processes, and practices of your organization. Using advanced tools and proprietary methods developed from our own research-verified processes, we collaborate directly with clients to assess their current conditions and implement the specific tools and processes which will result in greater stakeholder alignment and increased efficiency. Our expertise, approach, and proprietary tools ensure you get your desired results. Let the SIMPLAR EXPERIENCE streamline your operations and improve the outcomes of your overall business strategy by engaging us to assist you with Procurement Solutions, Innovative Project Delivery, Organizational Transformation, Pursuit Strategies or Performance Benchmarking.

Optimize Your Organization

People, Process, Planning

Maximize Your Spend

Get What You Pay For

Know Where You Stand

Use The Data

Why Do Leaders Like Simplar's Unique Processes and Training Approach?

Simplar has transformed traditional processes and developed methods to enable your teams to make them more efficient and self-reliant.

Simplar = Results

Implementation of Simplar’s strategic best practices achieves exceptional procurement outcomes.

The Simplar team has a combined experience of over 60 years helping over 150 organizations on 3500+ projects.

Simplar’s proprietary tools and processes, like Expertise-driven Project Delivery (XPD), increase efficiencies and exceed expectations.

Simplar tools and practices in project delivery are research-driven.

Successful collaborative efforts that are a clear advantage for organizations that utilize their deep knowledge and support to develop a stronger overall operational experience.

Simplar provides services that result in operational efficiencies and the adoption of tactical strategies that effectively lower costs.

Trusted By Market Leaders Worldwide