The XPD Approach

Implementing the Next Practices in Procurement and Project Delivery

What is The XPD Approach?

Expertise-driven Project Delivery (XPD) is a complete procurement and project delivery approach. Rigorously tested and refined over the past two decades, the XPD approach has been utilized on projects ranging in size from over $1.5 billion to less than $100 thousand: including project and services such as: IT Integration, Software & Hardware, Construction (DBB, DB, CMAR, JOC), Business Services, Facility Operations, A/E Design, Financial Services, and more.

In today’s challenging environment, all organizations are struggling to consistently receive high-performance teams from their vendors, contractors, suppliers, and consultants. The XPD difference is its focus on the team’s expertise and approach to meeting the client’s need. The XPD approach has 2 distinct phases prior to contract signing and utilizes an interconnected array of tools, templates, and techniques to attract and select high-performing teams and solutions.

How XPD Works

Phase 1:  Procurement & Selection

The primary goal of Phase 1 is to clearly differentiate high-performing teams from their competitors, along with their products or solutions.

Simplar provides the hands-on implementation support, training, and all the tools, templates, and techniques needed to properly implement the XPD approach. Scope development, building the solicitation, proposal and evaluation criteria, interviews and demonstrations, validation, and partnering are all provided by Simplar.


A key principle underlying the XPD procurement phase is that it is the responsibility of each vendor to differentiate themselves from their competition.

Proposal Page Limits: Less is More

As the frequency of poor-performing projects and services increases, the natural reaction is to add more and more proposal requirements on future solicitations. When proposals can be 50 to 100 pages long, this results in evaluators skimming through the documents. The XPD Approach uses focused proposals that allow high-performers to more accurately differentiate themselves. Our process has proven that no more than 2 pages are required for most proposal sections, even for larger projects. This allows evaluators to focus on what’s important as the high-performing vendors stand out more clearly.

Anonymous Proposals:

Improving the fairness of your procurement environment is essential in attracting higher quality vendors, and increasing the quality of proposals received. Many vendors believe that clients have “favorites”, and that he award will be made to the same firms that have consistently won in the past. In the XPD Approach, Vendors submit certain proposal sections without their company name. This allows evaluators to focus on the proposal quality without showing favoritism or being distracted by company names. Using anonymous proposals attracts more firms, increases the quality of proposal contents, and improves the competitiveness of small and disadvantaged businesses.

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Phase 2:  Risk-Based Partnering & Planning

Once the highest-rated vendor is selected, Simplar facilitates a brief, yet rigorous, Risk-Based Partnering & Planning (RBP) process with the project team before the contract is signed. XPD’s unique RBP phase, integrates with the team which results in greater alignment of stakeholder expectations and minimizes problems before they happen.

XPD Does Not Require New Contract Terms & Conditions

The XPD Approach focuses primarily on the team selection and project delivery. No changes or modifications are required to the standard contract that the client has utilized in the past. 

Selecting and partnering with the highest performing team allows for quality and value to exceed the minimums put forth in traditional contract documents.

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