Our Team

What Makes Our Team Different?


The Simplar Team is uniquely qualified with the right skills and necessary experience to support organizations, procurements, and projects to achieve greater levels of performance and innovation.  

We are focused on only providing the highest level of service to all of our client partners.  Our team doesn’t focus on capturing market share like the big firms, we focus on solving problems and meeting the needs of our customers.  We know sometimes the logos and the branding are hard to resist, but clients that “get it” know the real value is in the people that a consultancy sends you.  Good people = good outcomes.     

Our team has been meticulously selected and developed through years of experience and mentorship.  Being part of the Simplar Team requires significant education and practical achievement.  There is no “B Team” at Simplar.  

Each of our Simplar Team members has:

  • Advanced degrees and professional certifications 
  • At least 14 years of industry experience (with an average of over 23 years of experience)
  • Hands-on engagement working with:
      • Federal
      • State
      • Municipal
      • Private
  • Hands-on engagement working on services, procurements, and projects in:
      • IT (solutions, hardware, builds, and services
      • Built Environment/AEC and Facility Management
      • Financial Sector
      • Business and Auxiliary Services
      • Medical & Insurance
      • Organizational Assessments
      • Organization Change and Transformation
      • Training & Professional Development
      • Research & Development

We are highly capable, diverse, socially and environmentally conscientious, and optimistic about the future and what any organization can achieve.    

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