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Whether you have an upcoming complex procurement that is large & complex, inexperience or you are struggling on your projects, you want to know where your organization is or you want to train and get the workforce better, Simplar has the tools, like its proprietary Expertise-drive Project Delivery (XPD) process, and the expertise to help you with the journey from assessment and support to solicitation best practices and workforce development.

Procurement Organizational Assessments

Optimizing procurement with a Pragmatic Assessment Strategy that drives results!

    • Determine priorities, identify levels of accessible information, and change capacity to establish assessment scope
    • Identify areas of existing strengths and areas that require attention through the assessment process
    • Develop strategic recommendations for a realistic path to optimal procurement performance throughout the organization
    • Provide tools that enable effective performance monitoring of change initiatives

Solicitation Definition

& Development

Transforming Solicitation Processes into Value Propositions

      • Scope and specification development assistance to attract competitive responses
      • Creation of high-performance solicitations and evaluation best practices
      • Better RFP results using Simplar’s Expertise-Driven Project Delivery (XPD)
      • Specialty service in IT Implementations and Alternative Project Delivery Methods (APDM)
      • Project delivery method/contract-type analysis to avoid post-award changes/disputes

    Talent Development

    Increasing the Competency and Effectiveness of Your Teams

        • Personalized workforce training program development and implementation to create long-term and consistent use of best practices
        • Increase team and individual performance with in-person and virtual workshops in procurement, project delivery, and facility management


        • Workforce aptitude profiles for creating better teams and work environment
        • Performance coaching and training for leaders and professionals

    Compliance Auditing

    Independent Review and Reporting by Knowledgeable/Experienced Professionals

        • Variance determination between organizational reality and best practice to improve operational efficiency
        • Review DEI/MBE participation to confirm attainment of organizational goals
        • Fairness advising to protect against protests and the riskiest projects
        • Compliance examination and evaluations against specific requirements to mitigate ethical violations, fraud, and identify specific gaps that require correction

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