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Benchmarking Services

Knowledge Is Power

Simple in concept, internal “benchmarking” is often overlooked, ignored, or viewed as just a comparison to others.  Knowing where you stand with your programs and the performance of your organization and teams provides predictive and leadership tools for the future.  Simplar has the expertise and tools to help you benchmark, assess, identify performance and take action to build better programs, get better project results, know your customers and market better, and lead your people to greater success.

Advanced Program Measurement & Prediction

 Better Decision Making Through an Information-Rich Environment

    • Faster information on how a portfolio, program, and projects are performing
    • Aligned and synchronized cost, schedule, risk, and client satisfaction data
    • Accurate project outcome predictions months in advance of current “best practices”
    • Data capture of program/portfolio contracts, vendors, suppliers, and team performance

Performance Benchmarking and Quality Control Programs

 3rd-party historic and real-time customer feedback enhances client retention and wins new customers

    • Independent data collection builds future customer confidence and wins more work
    • Data collection of an organizations performance builds future customer confidence
    • The research-tested approach drives accuracy and speed of customer feedback
    • Improves customer retention, quality control and builds a library of performance references
    • Simplar builds the program, collects the initial data, and offers long-term support

Organization and Team Measurement

Supercharge Your Most Important Asset – Your People

    • Proven assessment process focused on actual performance within specific career paths
    • Simplar’s database of 1000’s of individuals and teams measured and benchmarked for performance and aptitudes
    • Improves hiring, retention, and succession planning
    • Early career identification of high potentials
    • Higher performing teams based on the “Human Element”
    • Improved client relationships through chemistry matching

Benchmarking Services

World-Class Data Capture and Analysis

    • Access to  Simplar’s state-of-the-art benchmark database system
    • Unparalleled experience: Over 10 billion data points and tens of thousands of surveys collected
    • Regional, national, and global benchmarking (multi-format and multi-language capabilities)
    • Company-specific benchmarking and performance validation
    • Workforce and staffing studies, market analysis, and built environment cost and operational details
    • Demographic and Civic studies

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