Change Is Within Reach

The success rate of organizational change is less than 15%.  Simplar has developed “change tools” which enable teams to accept, adopt, and actualize the transformation desired by executive management.  A successful approach to organizational transformation requires skilled teaching, supported learning, and periodic assessment.

Change Assessment

& Planning

Implement Change Across Silos

    • Assess risk, identify pathways to change, visualize the organizational impact
    • Identify required actions, and key enables and gatekeepers
    • Develop change adoption plans based on assessment findings
    • Collaborative development of implementation strategy
    • Training and support planning for workforce adoption of any change

What Are the Top 5 Resistance Behaviors?


Going back to the old way or creating shadow systems and workarounds based on the old way.

Reluctant Compliance

Doing the bare minimum, dragging feet, and not following through on actions.


Voicing open disagreement with the change.

Lack of Transparency

Paying lip service to the change but hiding and obscuring progress and results.


Withdrawing from change-related actions as long as possible, avoid taking initiative.

Change Implementation

Communicate to the Right levels, at the Right Times, with the Right Methods

    • Performance tracking utilizing written accountability systems
    • Creating greater transparency and benefit of the change to all stakeholders and the organization
    • Utilizing adult-based learning technology to ensure adoption and change implementation
    • Macro and micro communication and engagement support
    • Utilize technology approved by the change team to facilitate adoption

Change Support & Adoption Measurement

Early and Ongoing Identification of Areas of Acceptance/Resistance

    • Change agent support, proper training system, and adoption measurement create greater adoption and better outcomes
    • Change adoption and resistance tracking for change strategy realignment
    • Early measurement of technology change requirements to fit the organizational use

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