Pursuit Strategies

for Vendors

Stay Ahead Of The Competition

The difference between winning a pursuit and going home empty-handed is a matter of a “few evaluator points”. Have you ever wondered what evaluators are looking for when they rate your proposal? Simplar has facilitated 1000’s of client evaluation teams. We know how evaluators think and score. We have the approach, tools, and training that will get you a “few more points”.

Proposal Review

Better Proposal Materials = Higher Win Rate

    • Assess upstream pursuit practices
    • Redline recent proposals
    • Technical Writing Review
    • Cover Letter Improvements
    • Making resumes “stand out”
    • Developing and using performance data on proposals
    • Create historical and usable archives of value propositions and risk/solution examples

Hands-on Pursuit Coaching

Add Simplar to Your Next Pursuit Team

    • Facilitation of proposal development and team brainstorming
    • Improved proposal content including project approach, risk/solution plans, and value differentiation
    • Assist with writing, organizing, and presenting the proposal
    • Targeted best practices to meet evaluator expectations
    • Interview training and preparation coaching

Customer Satisfaction Programs

3rd-party historic and real-time customer feedback enhances client retention and wins new customers

    • Independent data collection builds future customer confidence and wins more work
    • Research-tested approach drives the accuracy and speed of customer feedback
    • Improves customer retention, quality control and builds a library of performance references
    • Simplar builds the program, collects the initial data, and offers long-term support

Team Optimization Services

Better Project Performance through Enhanced Team Chemistry

    • Research-supported team creation and alignment boost pursuit success and ultimately project performance
    • Effective workforce training and team alignment using individual aptitudes results in trust and better outcomes
    • Leadership skills assessment + strategic planning = enhanced performance
    • A tailored coaching process improves project outcomes
    • Real-time data driven insights on team performance are early  indicators of project performance

Project Delivery & Implementation Services


Move Your Customer Relationship to the Next Level

    • Simplar’s Risk-based Partnering and Planning (RBP) creates greater trust, transparency, and team development early in the project or implementation
    • Tools, training, and processes for weekly and quarterly actions and engagements that appropriately assign risk
    • Protecting the interest of the project through communication, empowerment, transparency, and ethics enhances value to the organization and project
    • A proven approach to Project Advocate Services results in better projects and cohesive teams
    • Simplar’s risk planning “CRISP” process minimizes project cost and schedule impacts

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