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It’s More Than A Name,

You’ve Got To Be Ready

New and old practices and processes come with great hope, Agile, PDB, IPD, DBB, CMAR, DB, Waterfall, JOC, SAS, CMGC, Ai, DevOps. For project success, you must be ready to use them as intended and not use traditional processes and thinking. Simplar has research-tested tools in partnering, risk-based planning, project advocacy, performance measurement, and more that create greater certainty. 

Readiness Assessment

Changing Project Delivery Strategies to Operational Realities

    • Assess organization’s readiness for new initiatives and recommend strategies for successful implementation
    • Research-proven assessment of individual team members’ capacity for adapting to new project delivery methods
    • Combined team (individuals) and organizational assessments provide agile roadmaps to success

Team Optimization &

Leadership Support

Better Outcomes Occur with Team Selection and Leadership Initiatives Based on Research

    • Research tested team creation and alignment boosts overall project performance
    • Effective team alignment builds trust and transparency
    • Leadership skills assessment + strategic planning = enhanced performance
    • A tailored coaching process improves project outcomes
    • Real-time data driven insights on team performance are early  indicators of project performance

Project Delivery & Implementation Services

An innovative approach utilizing coaches, training, and performance data increases teamwork, collaboration, and confidence in project outcomes

    • Simplar’s Risk-based Partnering and Planning (RBP) creates greater trust, transparency, and team development early in the project or implementation
    • Tools, training, and processes for weekly and quarterly actions and engagements that appropriately assign risk
    • Protecting the interest of the project through communication, empowerment, transparency, and ethics enhances value to the organization and project
    • A proven approach to Project Advocate Services results in better projects and cohesive teams
    • Simplar’s risk planning “CRISP” process minimizes project cost and schedule impacts

Integrated Performance Measurement

Timely and well-developed performance measures are key to successful project outcomes


    • Simplar’s approach captures the critical data that today’s technology and systems overlook
    • Simple and phase-based measurement tools which build on past performance information
    • Measurement tools address projects, programs, individuals, and teams
    • The use of predictability and accountability tools results in the successful execution of mission-critical processes
    • Program planning using past performance enhances the probability of outcomes in planning future programs

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