Stay Ahead of the Competition
In many cases, the difference between winning a project and going home empty-handed is a matter of a few points.  Have you ever wondered what evaluators are looking for when they rate your proposal?  Our team has reviewed over 7,000 vendor proposals and observed how evaluators rate and score your documents.

Proposal Integration

Our team has thousands of hours of experience reviewing proposals.  We understand what companies are looking for, and will help you prepare proposals that put you ahead of the competition!  Our team can review and redline your previous proposals, provide feedback to strengthen your upcoming proposal response, and provide specific recommendations of the content that really catches the attention of owner evaluation teams.  

Interview Prep Course

Interviews, or oral presentations, can be the single most important factor in the selection process.  Our team has observed thousands of interviews/presentations and understand the fundamental qualities to ‘ace’ your interview.  Our interview prep course includes:

  • Fundamental education and training regarding the interview process
  • Understanding what evaluators are looking for
  • 3 most important factors that will cause you to lose the interview
  • Prep questions and mock interview