Best-in-Class Performance in a Matter of Months

Many organizations struggle to consistently attract high-performing personnel and vendors. The question is not: “Do high-performing personnel and vendors exist?”, but rather: “How can we consistently get the best vendor teams to compete for our work?”

The XPD Process

Hiring ‘experts’ makes a difference.  Expertise Project Delivery (XPD) is a best-value approach that has been developed and refined over the past 20 years, with proven results of increasing the probability of hiring the highest performing vendors.

Expertise Project Delivery Saves Money
Turnkey Approach Project Delivery

Our Approach

Our comprehensive “turnkey” approach has been utilized by organizations of all sizes and industries.  Through workshops and hands-on training, our team will assist your personnel with implementing and mastering the most advanced procurement and project delivery practices.  Our goal is to transfer mastery of these practices to your personnel in the least amount of time possible.

What Are Your Next Steps?

STEP 1  –  Contact Us

Regardless if you have just sat through a presentation or read one of our publications, contact us so we can understand your goals, objectives, and vision.  We can quickly provide you with the best strategy and path moving forward.

STEP 2  –  On-Site Presentation

Schedule time for us to present to your team in-person so we can address the actual needs and challenges of your organization.  We can respond to questions regarding pilot projects, training, integration, costing, and scheduling.


RFP Report Card

Are you curious to see how your RFP compares to a “best-in-class” RFP?  Submit your RFP now for evaluation (it’s Free)!  Your solicitation will be evaluated and assessed based upon 29 essential RFP elements.

Solicitation Report Card

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