Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones) in Facility Management

Drones or UAVs are gaining significant traction in construction and more recently, facility management. Drones can be used to conduct inspections of roofs or other hazardous areas, survey overall site layouts, and more. This webinar will provide an overview the recommended drones specifically for facility managers, costs, training requirements, and applicable laws. We will provide detailed information on how FMs can start using drones to increase safety and get the job done faster!

Summary of Drone Usage in FM


  1. Drones are a relatively inexpensive tool that drastically reduces safety risks for facility managers
  2. They take PRACTICE!
  3. But… there are some drawbacks:
    • Time consuming
    • Training is needed
    • Organizational culture / local rules & regulations
  4. Have a good plan in place when you start; stay organized