Janitorial Contract Management Best Practices

Want to Enhance Your Procurement Process?  Focus on EXPERTISE!

Facility Managers need to simplify the procurement process and require that the suppliers measure and document the value they bring to the owner. The Simplar team has assisted hundreds of public and private owners in the procurement, planning, and documentation on thousands of projects including janitorial, roofing, construction, IT, and others.  Owners using the process for janitorial contract renewal saved on average 20 percent from their expected budgets while also experiencing higher customer satisfaction.

The university saved $500,000 per year on our custodial contract renewal when we used the XPD process.
Hugh Warren

Executive Director, O&M (ret.), University of Alberta

Key Recommendations for Janitorial Contracts


  1. Compete expertise in the procurement process: focus on risk and value.  Our research has shown that the suppliers’ ability to identify and mitigate risk is the strongest correlation to overall contract success.
  2. Use blind evaluations – make it fair.  Personnel names, company letterhead, and other identifying information should not be included on the documents that the evaluation committee reviews.
  3. Focus on the people doing the work.  An effective procurement process allows the owner to assess the capability of the supplier’s key people who will be onsite providing service.
  4. Spend the time to develop a clear scope of workRead our white paper on SOW development for some additional insights and recommendations.
  5. Start Benchmarking your Janitorial Services.  IFMA has published a benchmarking report that summarizes cost per square foot for janitorial among a variety of factors (facility use, location, size, and more).

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