Breaking Down Silos Between Procurement and Facility Management Using Performance Measurements

Find a Common Purpose in time of Struggle to Create Strong Relationships

Functional silos are an all-too-common problem in many organizations. We provide guidance on creating a truly collaborative environment that is founded on transparency & metrics… risk & value… performance & superior outcomes. Learn how to partner with procurement, capital construction, end clients and see how FM can propel your organization to the next level.

Experts own their work, and will seek arrangements that provide them the freedom to succeed.

Ian Wagschal

Director of Facilities Management, University of King's College

Key Recommendations for Improving Project Outcomes


  1. Compete expertise in the procurement process (XPD):  Simplar’s research has shown that the suppliers’ ability to identify and mitigate risk is the strongest correlation to overall contract success.  XPD is a tool that increases opportunity to partner with Experts.
  2. We are in this together.  The process removes the risk of bias, uses mutually beneficial agreements to create collaborative relationships, and allows experts to organize other experts [mitigate risk and create value].
  3. Enterprise metrics help the organization change.  The Risk Planning Tool identifies institutional severity, client satisfaction, lessons learned, sources of risk, and overall project impact.

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