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Procurement Certificate Program

Procurement professionals play an integral role in all Public Agencies by providing oversight and support of the purchasing process, and assuring that the Agency follows all Public policies, rules, and regulations.  The procurement professional also serves as a representative of the Public, and is responsible for safeguarding the Public from unethical behaviors related to purchasing.

A professional development curriculum has been created for City of Los Angeles procurement professionals to help elevate the capabilities of its procurement services.  The goals of the program are to enhance the current abilities of all procurement professionals, improve confidence in their roles during the procurement processes, and to become more effective leaders during the purchasing and procurement process.


This Program has four Modules for Professionals at all levels of procurement experience.

Module A  |  Module B  |  Module C  | Module D

Module A | Procurement 101

This Module provides a quick introduction of Procurement Fundamentals to individuals that have very limited experience to procurement or purchasing. The goals of this Module are to provide students with a basic understanding of procurement fundamentals and types of solicitations.

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Module B | RFP Fundamentals

This Module exposes Professionals to the fundamentals of the RFP Solicitation and is intended for those with limited-to-intermediate experience with purchasing or procurement. Topics include:

Class 7 – Scope of Work (Part 3) Budgets

Class 9 – Criteria & Weights (Part 1) Overview

Class 10 – Criteria & Weights (Part 2) Past Performance & References

Class 11 – Criteria & Weights (Part 3) Proposal Documents

Class 12 – Criteria & Weights (Part 4) Weighting Schemes

Class 13 – Administrative Procedures

Class 14 – Submittal Forms, Exhibits, & Attachments

Class 15 – Understanding the Vendor Perspectives

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Module C | RFP Procedures

This Module provides step-by-step process of the procurement process related to the RFP Process, and is intended for those with limited-to-intermediate experience with purchasing or procurement. Topics include:

  • Planning for the RFP Solicitation
  • Preparing the Procurement Schedule
  • Preparing the Source Selection Plan (SSP)
  • Educating the Evaluation Committee
  • The Advertising Period
  • The Preproposal Meeting
  • Receiving Proposals & The Evaluation Process
  • Creating a Matrix
  • Analyzing Data & Shortlisting
  • Interviews
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Negotiation, Clarification, and Planning
  • Award & Debriefing Process
Module D | Innovative & Advanced Techniques

This Module provides innovative and advanced techniques for procurement and solicitation applications. This module is intended for those with limited-to-advanced experience with purchasing or procurement. Topics include:

  • IT Procurement & Project Delivery
  • SBE/DBE Participation & Optimization
  • City of LA Requirements
  • Improving the Fairness of the RFP
  • Construction Delivery Methods
  • Leadership in Organizational Transformation
  • Metrics and Measurements
  • Request for Qualifications (RFQ)
  • Request for Information (RFI)
  • Pre-Qualification Programs
  • Industry Trends and Performance
  • Protests, Disputes, and Corruption

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