Take Your Project Delivery

to the Next Level


Simplar’s Expertise-Driven Project Delivery (XPD)

provides quantifiable gains

What if You Can Reduce Your Procurement Time by 50%?

The XPD approach creates and efficiencies in the RFP process that clearly differentiates vendors, reduces marketing content saving time, effort, and gets you to contract quicker.

Want to Attract Higher Performing Vendors?

XPD RFP’s help you attract high-performing vendors and their experts that require less managerial oversight and client support than a traditional approach.

How about More Competition, Better Pricing & Better Proposals from your Vendors?

The XPD Process provides a solicitation structure that vendors find attractive, increases vendor participation, and provides better pricing opportunities for you.

Would Real-Time, Program-Wide Metrics Help Your Project Delivery Be More Efficient?

Organization-wide application of XPD performance measurement tools will enable you to facilitate inter-department collaboration and clearly pinpoint areas for continuous improvement.

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