United Group Services

Mechanical Contractor reaps beenefits of Customer Satisfaction program

United Group Services is a mechanical contractor specializing in industrial piping and related fields. Their pursuit strategy included giving perspective customers information about past projects and owners. UGS was looking to differentiate itself from their competitors to enhance their win rate and to develop a better Customer Satisfaction Program (CSP). Simplar reviewed their customer service areas, identifies common concerns and questions those customers have, and developed a 1-page customer satisfaction survey based on those findings. A performance benchmarking data based was also devloped to consolidate and analze the performance data. Simplar started with a interview survey process with 40+ past UGS customers to populated the CSP database. Simplar trained key UGS personnel on use of the benchmark database and on the process of collecting data following the completion of each future project.



Simplar started interview survey process with 40+ past UGS customers

Simplar provided weekly training to key UGS personnel on data collection following project completion