UCI: Industrial Construction Services

General contractor benefits from Customer Satisfaction program development

UCI was underutilizing their past project performance information, team selection, and organizational leadership for future pursuits. They engaged Simplar to assit them the development of a Customer Satisfaction Program (CSP) that includes performance data collection and benchmarking for the project, the project team and UCI.

Simplar analyzed company marketing approaches, proposal documents, and existing data collection and use methodologied. They developed a standard CSP survey template and data input and analysis tool. Simplar conducted 20 live survey interview with past UCI clients to develop the initial performance data pool. UCi was trained on how to collect customer surveys and the use of the data analysis tool. Specific leadership suppot was provided, using an active pursuit, data usage within a written proposal, during an interview, and with regards to team selection and leadership.



Simplar helped UCI incorporate past performance metrics into their RFP Response Quantifiable metrics are proven to “catch the eye” of the client’s evaluation team. Simplar collected these metrics from UCI’s past projects and highlighted them in UCI’s cover letter, project approach, and other key sections of the proposal.

Simplar incorporated these Customer Satisfaction Metrics into UCI’s pursuit of a $35M CMAR Proposal.  UCI own the project over an ENR Top 35 Contractor.