Customer satisfaction program for roofing manufacturer

Tremco is a roofing and sealants product manufacturer that provides high quality roofing systems to public and private organizations across the North America. They understood that the value proposition their systems provides are significantly higher then their competitors, yet upfront costs to the buyer can be higher. The roofing industry is typically driven by a low-bid mentality with initial cost of construction with little consideration for long term costs and value. Tremco was looking for a process by which they could quantify the value of their systems to their current and future customers and to enhance their customer services by developing a Custer Satisfactin Program (CSP). The Simplar Team developed, maintains and collects, as an independent 3rd party, the CSP benchmarking information for Tremco and provides a website for transparency of the results.


150 - 300 Surveys Per Month

10 years of data collected

7500+ projects surveyed

Over 150M SQ ft of Roof surveyed

Surveys show that 97% of Tremco customers would be their products again.