State of Louisiana

Oline RFP training program developed for delegated state agencies

The State of Lousiana’s Office of State Procurement assists state departments and agencies with a variety of procurments and solicitation types. These agencies often times develop their RFPs, SOWs, and associated soliciations/documents and use staff with little procurement training. To enhance the effacy and accuracy of their RFP solicitations, the State wanted to develop a procurement and RFP training program for its internal procurement team and other agency personnel.

Simplar was engaged to develop an online RFP Training Program. The program included a variety of topics, including RFP Fundamentals, RFP Planning, RFP Document Preparatinon, SOW Development, and RFP Implementation and Execution, a total of 25 indivudal courses were developed and Simplar provided in-person workshops to enhance the learning.


Simplar created an online RFP Training Course tailored to Louisiana’s needs The course focused on solid RFP Fundamentals and included 5 modules: 1) Core Procurement Fundamentals, 2) RFP Administration, 3) Elements of the RFP Document, 4) Scope of Work, and 5) Preparing the RFP Document.

Simplar filmed 5 total hours of total training content tailored to the State’s RFP approaches The training modules contained 30 training sessions videos packaged into an on-demand format. Each video was between 5 and 20min in length, to maximize convenience for current and future procurement staff to reference when managing the RFP process.

Simplar conducted 3 days of on-site workshops for Louisiana’s agencies and user groups Simplar travelled State headquarters to conduct hands-on workshops for 250+ end users from more than a dozen agencies. Workshops topics included scope development and evaluation procedures.