Seattle City Light

(IT Procurement)

High profile IT project successfully uses XPD

Simplar’s team led 5 major technology projects for the City of Seattle, which were:

      • Building Analytics Program (5yr cost of $2½M) which acts as a “one-stop shop” for data regarding: buildings, parcels, energy usage, conservation program participation, and how those relate to one another.
      • Demand Side Management System (5yr cost $3½M) to track energy efficiency in residential and commercial spaces, including the tracking of assets related to building types, energy usage, building characteristics, and presence of conservation assets.
      • PCB Tracking and Condition Assessment System (5yr cost $3M) to reliably track PCB-containing equipment (polychlorinated biphenyls) currently in use and to track legal disposal of all PCB-containing materials (surplus equipment, oil, contaminated soils, cleanup wastes, etc.) System requirements included the ability to store test results and more accurately assess the condition of critical electrical assets.
      • Organizational Change Management Services (3yr cost $2½M) to support Seattle’s multi-year roll-out of automated metering.
      • Wireless Telecom Consulting/Implementation Services (5yr cost $2½M) to manage Seattle’s upgrade to 5G Wireless technology throughout the City.

In addition to full Procurement Support, Simplar’s team provided Clarification/Negotiation Support for each of the above projects. Several projects used our Project Support & Risk Tracking services and the overall program benefited from our Owner Advising services.

Simplar also provided 3rd Party QA/QC support for the Demand Side Management System implementation. The presence of a 3rd Party QA/QC consultant is required by Seattle for any software project larger than $0.5M with a mandated budget allocation of 3 to 5% of the total project budget. In September 2020, Simplar facilitated a project close-out session with the Vendor and Seattle’s Business Unity & IT Teams. This session captured lessons learned for the four areas of 1) system configuration, 2) data and integrations, 3) organizational change adoption, and 4) overall project management.


50% reduction in Evaluator time (per proposal)

75% reduction in Interview time (per vendor)

75% reduction in Software Demonstration time (per vendor)

50% reduction in total procurement duration

We recommend contacting the provided reference (Kimberly Rayray, Contracts & Procurement Manager for Seattle City Light, Kim.Rayray@seattle.gov) for more details on these results.