Pursuit Strategies

Stay Ahead Of The Competition

The difference between winning a pursuit and going home empty-handed is a matter of a “few evaluator points”. Have you ever wondered what evaluators are looking for when they rate your proposal? Is your pursuit program and process just like your competitions? Simplar has reviewed over 10k proposals and observed thousands of evaluators rate them. We have the approach, the tools, and the training that will get you a “few more points”.

Pursuit Process Assessment

Upstream Pursuit Prep Drives to Enhanced Win Rates and the Bottom Line

    • Understanding and analyzing an organization’s written pursuit process compared to reality is the first step to improvement
    • Technical writing review, data, and performance statistics correlate to win rates
    • Pursuit strategy alignment with client solicitations is a critical path to success
    • Early team member alignment and approach are directly related to win rates

Proposal Response Support

The Simplar Team Understands How Owners/Evaluators Think

    • Effective use of actual “doers” in early pursuit efforts, presentations, and interviews increases evaluator scores
    • A customized program to collect and utilize quantitative performance systems is a tool your competitors don’t have
    • Increase positive client perceptions through strategic past performance data analysis and use within written proposals and marketing documents
    • Best practices in interview prep, simulation, and training create success for your teams for the long term

Team Optimization Services

Assign Teams Greater Confidence with Knowledge for High Performing Outcomes

    • Research-supported team creation and alignment boost pursuit success and ultimately project performance
    • Effective workforce training and team alignment using individual characteristics results in trust and better outcomes
    • Leadership skills using assessments and strategic planning enhances team and pursuit support
    • Coaching and support increase innovative proposal content, client-centered thinking, and confidence in interviews

Post Pursuit Reviews

It is Better to Collect the Right Information and Use it, than to Collect Everything and File it

    • Proper post pursuit analysis, debriefing, and documentation create transparency and optimize program success
    • Measuring the right information in the right format can be learned and embedded into the pursuit culture for enhanced outcomes
    • Building a culture of “continuous learning”  results in increases in win rate and the bottom line
    • A measured environment creates positive accountability within individuals and teams

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