Change Is Within Reach

Organizational change is difficult. The average success rate of a change effort has a 10-20% chance of accomplishing the leaders’ goals. At Simplar, we have developed approaches that have resulted in a more successful organizational transformation. We understand that a traditional “train-the-trainer” approach is often insufficient. True knowledge transfer and mastery of new skills throughout an organization cannot be accomplished with a few videos and a couple hours in a classroom. A successful approach to organizational transformation requires skilled teaching, supported learning, and a sustained knowledge library.

We Help Our Partners

Know how to lead the change and organize their change effort.

Communicate the change at the right levels, at the right times, using the right methods.

Train their personnel on the change so they learn quickly, apply it consistently, and accept it readily.

Implement the change across the organization and all its silos, navigating the bureaucratic and political waters.

Measure and track adoption, adaption, and resistance to allow leadership to quickly address any areas in the organization that are having a harder time changing.

Sustain the change through "generations' of employees so the 'change' becomes the new 'normal'.

•  We have conducted research on over 350 different org change initiatives.

•  We have studied over 100 organizations and documented the most common types of resistance to change & strategies to overcome.

•  We have developed “Cradle-to-Grave” support for complex IT projects (from scoping and procurement through contracting and implementation) and the organizational change management aspects that are needed to sustain the change.