Kiewit, Inc.

Contractor increases the the quality of the their presentations

Kiewit is one of North America’s largest and most respected construction and engineering organizations and is an industry leader in helping public and private owners learn and understand how to optimize their projects. Their infrastructure team was looking to hone their skills in presenting and educating owners on the merits of the various Alternative Project Delivery models and asked the Simplar Team to assist with evaluating five presentations by team members across North America. Simplar was part of an “owners panel” for each presentation. Simplar asked questions of each team as part of the exercise and provided immediate verbal feedback to leadership. Simplar provided a written review of the presentations that included general recommendations, specific comments for each of the 5 teams, and a recommended educational curriculum to enable their teams to enhance their presentation/teaching skills.

The Simplar team provided assistance with contracting approach, measurement of the teams and individuals, conducted weekly interviews, provided benchmarking services, assessments, and leadership support.