Performance Benchmarking

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Simple in concept, ‘benchmarking’ is often overlooked and ignored. When not ignored it is about collecting “everything”  followed by the information not being used. Having the right information at the right time is crucial for any organization. Simplar helps organizations benchmark, assess, identify performance, and take action to build better programs, get better project results, and create better teams.

Program Assessment

Just Because it is Measured, Doesn’t Mean it is Valuable or Being Used

    • When project performance is tied to each individual team member and collected over many projects, the truly high performers rise to the top
    • Independent assessment of tools, processes, and actions creates positive transparency for leadership and decision-making
    •  Beyond the what, when, and where, Simplar’s assessments drive to the difference makers – “The Who”

Customer Satisfaction Program Development

(For Vendors)

Customer Feedback enhances the Customer Experience, Provides Performance Information of Your Team, and is Invaluable Data for Winning More Work

    • For a vendor, one of the best indicators of individual, team, and company performance is your client
    • Proper collection and analysis of customer satisfaction provides clients/owners with confidence
    • Simplar’s research-tested approach to satisfaction collection drives accuracy and a true representation of the company and team members’ performance
    • Independent 3rd-party data collection builds potential client confidence and wins more work

Tools & Process Implementation & Training

A Tool or Process is Only as Good as the Individual and Team Using it.

    • Simplar’s adult education and training approach increases mastery and drives proper use
    • Advanced tools and techniques optimize current practices and outcomes
    • The benefits of any program are the greatest when properly used, Simplar excels in both the development and adoption of best practices training

Leadership & Business Development Support

Proper Leadership Involvement is Key to the Success of Implementation of New Tools

    • Messaging and team support speeds up implementation, Simplar helps leadership to do it in the best way
    • Leader patience and small steps are most effective for long-term consistent use of new tools
    • Business development teams are perfectly positioned to bring greater value when they have the best tools and techniques

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