Project Delivery

It’s More Than A Name,

You’ve Got To Be Ready!

New and old practices and processes come with great names and hope, PDB – progressive design-build, CMAR – construction manager at risk, DBB – design bid build, JOC – job order contracting, DB – design-build.  For project success, you must be ready to use them as intended and not use conventional processes and thinking. Simplar has research-tested tools in partnering, risk-based planning, project advocacy, performance measurement, and more that create greater certainty. 

Readiness Assessment

Optimizing procurement with a Pragmatic Assessment Strategy that drives results!

    • Organizational advancement through “Owner Readiness” assessments and advising for new practices and program developments
    • Research-supported evaluation of team member human dimensions provides insight into the probable
    • Team and process assessment provides concise leadership tools and knowledge

Team Optimization &

Leadership Support

Better Outcomes Occur with Research Supported Team Selection and Leadership Support

    • Research tested team creation and alignment boosts overall project performance
    • Effective team alignment builds trust and transparency
    • Leadership skills using assessments and strategic planning enhances team support and performance
    • The development of better championing skills improves process and project outcomes

Project Delivery & Implementation Services

An Innovative approach utilizing Advocates, Coaches, and Trainers to increase teamwork, collaboration and surety of project outcomes.

    • Simplar’s Risk-based Partnering and Planning (RBP) creates greater trust, transparency, and team development early in the project or implementation
    • Tools, training, and processes for weekly and quarterly actions and engagements that appropriately assign risk
    • Protecting the interest of the project through communication, empowerment, transparency, and ethics enhances value to the organization and project
    • A proven approach to Project Advocate Services results in better projects and cohesive teams
    • Simplar’s risk planning “CRISP” process minimizes project cost and schedule impacts

Integrated Performance Measurement

Measurement is the Key to Leadership.

    • Simple and effective measurement of performance of projects, programs, people, and teams are the tools of leadership
    • The use of predictability and accountability tools results in the successful execution of mission critical processes
    • Program planning using past performance enhances the probability of outcomes

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