Developing an Effective “Statement of Work”

The Statement of Work template provides numerous prompts that will help your team formulate what needs to be accomplished from the project.  If you are unsure about certain aspects of your SOW, issuing a Request for Needs (RFN) to the industry can assist in this process. Be sure to review the following resources:

Where Simplar Can Help

Assist in scope development

Writing the RFP for your project or services (IT, any service, construction/design, etc.)

Running the Procurement so you can hire the best value

Facilitate partnering with your vendor and Risk Management


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We can reduce total procurement time by 50-75%

Better pricing, fewer change orders, minimize delays
(avg. 70% reduction change orders and delays)

Reduce your time managing your vendors by 30-60%
(high performers don’t need you to tell them what to do)

Doing projects the right way does more than just save time and money… it makes you happier

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